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B197: Part 1/3 What to do Before the Conference. Let's Recoup Your Investment.


Ensure your conference investment pays off. Hear from our conference experts with a detailed plan.



Through this session, we will explore:

  • Establishing sales and marketing clear goals
    • Creating an account plan to maximize your team’s reach
  • Building attention and enthusiasm before the event
    • Learn to leverage Social Media for the most impact
    • How to pre-book meetings with your top prospects
    • Leveraging invaluable networking and growth opportunities
  • Crafting strategies that ensure you recoup your expense

Elevate your conference game and optimize your investment.


Part 2: You’ve Arrived at the Conference. It’s Time to Amp it Up

Course Description: Whether it’s your first conference or your fiftieth, discover how to seize every moment, foster meaningful connections, and elevate your on-the-ground experience.

Hear from the experts:

  • Learn how to supercharge your conference journey the moment you step in.
  • Dive deep into tactics and strategies that help you make the most of every opportunity.
    • How to leverage Social Media for the most impact
  • Discovering how to network effectively
  • How to stand out in the crowd
    • Why speaker opportunities can amplify your presence
    • How to transform attendees to become influencers on your behalf

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Part 3: The Conference is Over. It’s Time for Thoughtful Follow-Up.

Course Description: The close of a conference doesn’t signal the end; it’s merely the beginning of the next critical phase. This session delves into the importance and nuances of effective post-conference engagement.

We’ll guide you through:

  • Crafting meaningful follow-ups
  • Discuss new found connections with sales and marketing
  • Converting short and long-term opportunities into tangible outcomes
  • Set a roadmap for sustained relationship-building
  • Deploy multi-touch account-based follow-up strategies

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INSTRUCTOR: Jon Rivers, COO, Marketeery, Diane Saeger, CEO, Marketeery; Candyce Edelen, CEO, PropelGrowth; Kate Coffey, Director of Marketing, US Transactions Corporation/UST Education; and Jenni Glaze, COO, US Transactions Corporation