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Masterclass in Event Marketing: Transform Your Strategy with the 9-Point AI System for Content


Step into the future of event marketing with our exclusive Masterclass, valued at $15,000, now offered free for attendees of this session. This premium experience is designed to equip you with our revolutionary 9-Point AI System, transforming how you create content and generate leads. Delve into the power of AI-driven strategies to attract and engage your target audience effectively and learn to craft compelling content that enhances attendee and exhibitor acquisition.

This session is ideal for event organizers and marketers aiming to outpace the competition. By attending, you’ll gain practical insights and actionable strategies valued at $15,000—free for participants. Elevate your event’s profile and ensure its success with cutting-edge techniques that not only attract but also captivate your ideal audience.



In this masterclass, you will:

  • Master AI-enhanced content creation tailored specifically for events.
  • Discover innovative techniques to generate highly targeted leads that convert.
  • Get hands-on with tools that automate and optimize marketing efforts, from dynamic email campaigns to sophisticated retargeting strategies.

B215 – INSTRUCTOR: Bill Mcglade, President, Community Leaders Institute & epIQ Creative Group