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How to Build a Business You Can Sell


After successfully helping 2 founders position their businesses for successful exits, including a sale to Berkshire Hathaway, Eric Krucke now leads the CFO Practice at Aprio. A national firm and practice, Eric helps founder & family-owned companies build businesses they can sell. He will share market insights and a proven approach to work with your team to get ready. The truth is that “a great business to sell, is also a great business to keep”. Why not be ready?


  • Identify the Top 3 Business & Founder Risks that lead to business failures or the inability to sell your business
  • Learn how “the market” views your business…closing the gap between the seller and buyer’s perceptions
  • Discover a proven playbook that helps you get a business ready to sell: Assess Readiness, Align on Four Fundamentals, Build Roadmap
  • Understand the Four Fundamentals that must be aligned for your team to help ready your business for a successful exit

B222 – INSTRUCTORS: Eric Krucke, CFO Practice Leader, Aprio