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How to do a Finance Assessment & Find Process Improvement


Do you feel like your accounting and finance team is stressed, overworked, not accomplishing the tasks that need to get done to move your organization forward?  Do you think you know some ways to make the situation better, but cannot quite figure out if it is right or how to execute on the changes needed?  If so, then this session is for you.  Jared and Colleen will discuss signs of needing a Team Assessment, how to approach the assessment with team members, ideal times to perform the assessment, and steps performed during an assessment.  They will review the types of observations that may come out of an assessment along with recommendations, including new organization charts.



  • Identifying when your Department might benefit from an assessment
  • Discuss how to approach the assessment to achieve the greatest participation and maximize the benefits to your Department and Organization
  • Review the steps taken during a Team assessment to review workload, Team structure, internal control environment, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Provide examples of observations and recommendations identified in a Team assessment, including organization charts.
  • Discuss how to implement recommendations and new organization charts and to make the hard decisions and implementations needed to make a successful change in your Department.

W502 – INSTRUCTORS: Colleen Smith, Principal, O’Connor Consulting Services; and Jared Basco, Senior Manager, O’Connor Consulting Services

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