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W463: Risk Management Mastery for Nonprofits


It can be a scary world out there, especially in the digital economy! That’s why comprehensive Risk Management is critical to a Non-Profit’s success, especially in today’s rapidly changing environment. Non-Profit leaders must be responsible for the aligned values and vision impacting the whole organization: board, staff, and membership. Another way of looking at it as defined by Investopedia, “Risk Management is a business strategy that enables the organization to identify, assess, and prepare for possible disaster – both physical and figurative – that may interfere with the organization’s operation and objectives.” This workshop will help you see the risks you may face and develop a strategy to address them!



  • – You’ll learn how to properly assess your organization’s risks – both the obvious ones, and the hidden ones.
  • – You’ll learn how to develop a risk management strategy for the organization to cover the three main risk domains: security, digital, and personnel.
  • – You’ll learn how to empower your team to reduce risk, and how to transfer risk to insurance partners more effectively.

INSTRUCTORS: Brian Haney, Founder and CEO, The Haney Company