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W452: Connecting to Your Creativity: How to Have an Ah-Ha Moment


Einstein, Disney, and Gates graced the world with brilliant, life-changing ideas.


If only we knew the secret to get to our own ah-ha moments. Is there a way we can prime the pump to create circumstances that lead to creative breakthroughs? Can we cut the clutter of routine, move from putting out daily fires so that we can unleash our own innovative thoughts?


YES! Research on the neuroscience of creativity delves into how the brain functions during your creative process and the new role of AI. Psychologists, neuroscientists, anthropologists, and AI experts have discovered what happens in our brains when these ah-ha moments occur. Best of all, they’ve learned some things about how we can encourage our own creative process.


In this session, Sheri Singer, president of Singer Communications, will discuss how the brain works, bust antiquated ideas such as brainstorming, and share the newest and latest research on how you can get to the ah-ha moment including how AI contributes to creativity. Through lecture and interactive activities, participants will walk away with tips they can use as soon as they return to their offices.



At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the brain functions during the creative process
  • Understand how technology—specifically AI–can assist with innovative thinking
  • Use tips from the session to get your creative juice flowing
  • Walk away knowing how this knowledge can work for them


  • Why creativity is important
  • Famous ah-ha moments: Einstein, Disney, Gates, ALS bucket challenge,
  • Defining the Ah-ha moment
  • Phases of the neuroscience of creativity: 1, 2, breaking through writers block
  • Getting to the moment; getting to the ah-ha moment using AI
  • Case studies: Red Dress project, LiveStrong yellow bands, American Beverage Assn—taking vending machines out of elementary schools, etc.
  • Tips to get there
  • Lessons learned

INSTRUCTOR: Sheri Singer, President, Singer Communications

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