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W449: Lightweight Framework for Your Association's Data Strategy


Lack of a documented data strategy is a leading reason data initiatives struggle or even fail. This is primarily because it seems difficult, expensive, and overwhelming to create. That’s why we’ve built a lightweight process for mapping out and documenting a data strategy you can use in your association.



Assess your current state, build a future state vision, and identify gaps and solutions in each of 4 focus areas:

  • – Organization and Culture – people, processes, values and leadership
  • – Strategic Alignment – how your data practices align to association KPIs, decision-making and business processes
  • – Technology – systems, integrations, security and privacy
  • – Data – governance, quality, availability, reporting, and analytics

After the session, you should have a framework and plan of action to start building your data strategy!

INSTRUCTORS: Bill Conforti, SVP of Strategy and Solutions, Association Analytics

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