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W373: Sizing and Investing Nonprofit Reserves


Most nonprofit organizations and associations should have an “emergency fund” of operating reserves to offset the risk of revenues failing to cover expenses. But amid inflation and market volatility, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for how much you should set aside—and whether to hold reserves in cash or invest them. In this upcoming FAR conversation, institutional finance experts will present a clear framework for mitigating your specific risks. Jordan Forney will speak with Chris Clarkson, a national director from Bernstein’s Foundation & Institutional Advisory team, to present a thoughtful approach and framework that executives can use to adjust the size and allocation of short and intermediate term investments amid today’s high levels of inflation. Determine whether you should maintain higher (or lower) reserves than any “rules of thumb” may otherwise indicate, and how to put funds to use across a risk/return spectrum appropriate for your specific purposes in today’s volatile environment.



  • Understand the impact of today’s macroeconomic environment on investment reserves.
  • Recognize the questions to ask regarding your organization’s cashflow and investment needs.
  • Assess different investment strategies for different types of reserve funds.

  Presented by: Jordan L. Forney, Vice President, Alliance Bernstein; and Christopher J. Clarkson, CFA, Director, Wealth Strategies Group

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