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W371: How to Make an Online Community Your Association’s Future: Building & Co-Creating (PART 2)


During part 1 of our series, we shared “Why” online community is your association’s future. In part 2, we will explore the “How”. Most members view Associations as trusted partners with the ability to drive the greater community to new heights and open doors leading to business innovation and opportunities. With increasing technical proficiency and online meetings bridging the networking gap, association members are hangry for more ways to grow professionally and discover new ways to collaborate with their member peers. Join the QiqoChat team and Mesa Group to hear how online communities can be truly buzzworthy without adding a lot to your already busy plate.


  • How to create a year-round cadence of online events that go beyond the standard webinar.
  • – How to build culture from the influencers within the community.
  • – How to build the pipeline for sharing news and information.

Instructors: Sandra Nam,CEO and Co-Founder, QiqoChat; Lucas Cioffi, CTO and Co-Founder, QiqoChat; Barbara J. Armentrout, CAE, Managing Partner, Mesa Group