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W309: Demystifying Software Integrations: What's All the Fuss and What Do You Need to Know?


Many associations are adopting the software ecosystem approach. Instead of using one piece of software to do everything, they use multiple pieces of software that each do a small set of tasks very well. But all this software must be connected to get the maximum benefit from this approach. And here’s where integrations come in. Integrations are the glue that allows data to flow between systems, and they’re a new topic for many associations.

Wicket plays right in the center of the integration space. We’ve worked with many associations across hundreds of integrations and have learned much about what works and what does not. In this session, we’ll help you find and get the most out of the integrations you need at your association.



  • – Understanding the importance of integrations and their role in your software ecosystem.
  • – Key things to consider when selecting software to make sure you’ll be able to integrate.
  • – How to incorporate integrations into your ecosystem and what’s required of you once they’re up and running.

INSTRUCTOR: Jeff Horne, Co-Founder, CEO, Wicket 

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