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W275: A Guide to your First NICRA

A Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, or NICRA, is a negotiated agreement between a company and its cognizant auditor, documenting the government’s acceptance of the company’s estimated indirect rates for the next five fiscal years. The NICRA establishes the indirect rates a company may use on proposals for work with the Federal Government. Once established with one agency, this NICRA is accepted across all other agencies within the Federal Government. In this basic-level course designed for small to mid-sized organizations, participants will learn what a NICRA is, when it is needed, the pros and cons of having one, and recommendations for how to prepare the NICRA.
  • Understand the relative terms and definitions for a NICRA.
  • Learn the Pros and Cons of having a NICRA.
  • Identify when to pursue a NICRA for the first time.
  • Learn what is required to prepare a NICRA.
  • Have the answers to the most frequently asked questions around a NICRA.

Presented by: Matt McKelvey, President, Financial & Accounting Management, Government Contracting, and Business Valuation Subject Matter Expert, The McKelvey Group, Inc.