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W269: The Roadmap to Engagement: Using Video Strategically

Is your association using video strategically? Video is a must-have for associations to provide value and engage with their members. By lowering the cost and monetizing video, it will turn into a profit center when produced and distributed to your audience strategically. If your association is using video strategically, then you are:

  • Measuring the impact of your video investments on revenue, retention and recruitment
  • Leveraging the data from your audience’s behavior to guide future programming
  • Using video as the pillar to produce audio and text and offer choice to members
  • Monetizing your multimedia content via sponsorship, subscription and pay per view

If your association is not checking off each item above, you want to attend this webinar as the majority of your association member interaction continues to be digital engagement. Presented by: Doug Coombs, Director, Client Solutions, WorkerBee.TV

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