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The United States of Associations (W474)


The United States of Associations seeks to assemble association professionals from across the country for a fast-paced exchange of ideas. Representatives from as many as all 50 states (and possibly US territories and other countries as well!) will get up to 1 minute each to highlight a trend, resource, book, webinar series, podcast, or new product or conference. The focus will range from online communities to ways to recognize members and from creating engaging events to effective advocacy efforts. It all comes down to what participants bring to the session from what they’re seeing, hearing, experiencing, and learning. Join us and be prepared to take lots of notes and leave with new connections and fresh ideas!


  • – The collective wisdom of association professionals leads to game-changing insights.
  • – Get the best of what association executives are reading, listening to, and watching.
  • – Discover unique and transformative ways to engage members and attendees.
  • – Find guidance for 2024 initiatives and new perspectives on current challenges.

INSTRUCTORS: Jay S. Daughtry, M.Ed., Chief Communications Officer/Owner, CQbd