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S503 Summer Symposium- The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce for Association Management: Implement, Enabl


This presentation is designed for association executives who are interested in leveraging Salesforce to improve their association’s management, engagement, and enablement. The presentation will cover the fundamentals of Salesforce as well as the specific ways that it can be used to manage associations effectively. Attendees will learn how to implement Salesforce to manage their association’s data, enable their teams, and engage members in a more meaningful way.



In this session, we’ll:

    • – Cover the basics of Salesforce and how it can be leveraged for association management.
    • – Demonstrate how to implement Salesforce for managing association data and analytics effectively.
    • – Demonstrate how Salesforce can be used to manage association finances, including dues and renewals, payments, and financial reporting.
    • – Demonstrate the value of having 360-degree view of members. Learn how to track member interactions, preferences, and behaviors, and how to use this information to tailor outreach and engagement efforts.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a deeper understanding of how to leverage Salesforce for association management, including implementing it effectively, customizing it to their association’s unique needs, and using it to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, engage members more meaningfully, and manage finances effectively.

INSTRUCTORS: Sarah Irwin, Solutions Director, Fionta