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W406: Reputation Risk as Part of Your Cybersecurity Program


Has your website domain been blacklisted without your knowledge? Are visitors not coming to your site because it’s flagged as unsafe? Are your donor lists being shared on the dark web? Learn the best practices for monitoring and protecting your organization’s most valuable asset: your reputation. Understanding your reputation risk goes way beyond just googling your company name. In this session, we will cover the many ways your online reputation can be compromised and offer recommended tools available for monitoring these risks. We will also discuss remediation steps for addressing any issues uncovered.


  • Learn best practices for managing your online reputation.
  • Learn recommended tools for monitoring reputation risk and how to remedy issues identified.
  • Learn how reputation risk fits into an ongoing cybersecurity program.

Speakers: Melissa Musser, Partner and Director of Risk Advisory, GRF CPAs & Advisors; and Darren Hulem, CISA, CEH, Security +, Supervisor, IT and Risk Advisory Services, GRF CPAs & Advisors