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Mastering the Art of Email Newsletters: 15 Strategies for Success


Navigating the world of email newsletter marketing can be challenging. Many organizations struggle to balance timely, relevant content with the need to keep their newsletters fresh and engaging.

Email newsletters are a fantastic medium for sharing relevant content to your members, but it’s crucial to ask: are your newsletters truly resonating with each individual, or are they just another generic email in their inbox?

Break free from the one-size-fits-all approach and join our interactive workshop. Discover how to leverage email newsletter marketing to captivate your members with the latest industry insights and trends. We’ll delve into best practices for elevating your newsletter content, boosting member engagement, curating diverse external content, and harnessing the power of automation.


• Explore cutting-edge technologies to enhance your newsletter’s process while reducing internal workload – a strategic approach to save time and effort.
• Gain actionable insights to transform your newsletter and marketing strategy, maximizing its potential and effectiveness.
• Master the core principles of email engagement to ensure your newsletter stands out and truly connects with your audience.

W499 INSTRUCTOR: Erica Salm Rench, MBA, COO,