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C356: Sending Emails in Business Central 101


Are you tired of toggling between programs trying to collect the information you need to send emails? Eliminate the back and forth with your Outlook client and Business Central by leveraging the new email functionality available inside your BC system.

We rely heavily on email to send important information and documents, such as sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices. But did you know Business Central system admins can connect one or more email accounts, letting you send documents without opening an email app? You can compose each message individually with essential formatting tools, such as fonts, styles, colors, and so on, and add attachments of up to 100 MB. Additionally, report layouts enable administrators to include only the critical information from documents.


We will review how to set up accounts.

Compose and send email messages.

Attach documents, assign scenarios, send sales documents, and check the outbox and sent emails within Business Central.

Patrick Pfarrer, Jr. Application Consultant, Innovia Consulting || CREDITS: CPE .5 (NASBA Category: Business Management & Organizations)

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