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B200: Leadership & Learning Series: The Generational Shift: Moving Forward Together


Becoming a learning organization and building a culture where people feel safety, belonging, commitment to the vision, and a spirit of collaboration is essential to long-term success in today’s world. With 5 generations present in the workforce and the huge tensions that exist across these generations, developing culturally intelligent leaders who are adept at bringing out the best in their generationally diverse teams can be a challenge, but once accomplished, it will reduce this tension and allow for a more psychologically safe workplace. Regardless of the workplace sector you find yourself in, the rapid change of today’s world has left all of us needing to understand our intergenerational teams in a more comprehensive and empathetic manner. One thing we can be sure of is that all employees desire to work under managers who create a safe space for them to flourish. Are you able to ensure this for your employees on multi-generational teams? You are not alone if you are wondering how to decrease the tension across the generations and desire to build a culture where every generation can thrive.



  • – Understanding the generational shift and what makes it unique at this point in history.
  • – Gain insights into perspectives across the generations including leadership, recognition, and motivation.
  • – Navigating a Way Forward: Practical Applications to Improve Organizational Effectiveness (Care, Curiosity, and Collaboration)

INSTRUCTORS: Katherine Jeffery, PhD, Generational Strategist, CEO, KJ Consulting, LLC