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W439: Sales Enablement for Associations


Associations need both marketing, membership and sales working as one unit with a drive towards shared goals. While this sounds like a no-brainer statement, it’s often not the reality at many organizations. Why? Because legacy strategies and mindsets have aligned sales teams with traditional sponsorship and advertising goals, leaving membership acquisition and other programs out of the sales function altogether. It’s time to dispel the common myths about sales in associations and learn how to use the right marketing technology to collect insights and develop strategies to power up your sales capabilities, all while aligning your membership, marketing and sales to work in concert, together.


  • – The meaning of sales enablement
  • – How traditional sales tools such as deal boards and pipeline management can be used by associations
  • – How CRM functionality can support revenue and growth initiatives in marketing technology automation platforms

INSTRUCTOR: Maneesha Manges, CXO, HighRoad Solutions