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W318: Better Member Engagement: It’s About the Member, Not the Association

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Are your members truly engaged? Typical measures of engagement – such as email open and click-through metrics, social media interactions and website visits – are indicators of general activity, and not necessarily true member engagement. Real engagement happens when members get to use their voices, early and often! It’s time to level up your member interactions throughout the year by making your engagement about the member (and not their passive data).   LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

  • Understand the connection between member insights (what the association knows about its members) and member engagement (action, attention and long-term commitment).
  • Consider a more frequent use of the Voice of the Member as a key indicator of engagement for their association.
  • Evaluate their current technology stack for member listening capabilities.

Presented by: Brianne Wheeler, Director, Marketing, PropFuel