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W298: Translating "Marketing Speak" for Executives


Have you ever wondered what the heck your marketing team really means when they’re throwing down terms like CTRs, MQLs and SQLs? The alphabet soup that marketers use can be difficult to follow and sometimes just sound downright strange. We’ll help you translate the terms, metrics and concepts your marketing team is using when their sharing results, progress and their strategy. As an added bonus, we’ll prep you on the questions you can ask as their leaders to help pinpoint how your organization can pursue additional revenue growth.


  • Learn how to understand common marketing terminology
  • Learn how to understand what influences the measurement of marketing metrics
  • Learn how to support your marketing team’s martech stack development

Presented by: Maneesha Manges, CXO, HighRoad Solutions; and Aimee Pagano, Director of Programming, HighRoad Solutions