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W230: Critical Considerations for Your Next Website Redesign/CMS/DXP Implementation

There are dos and don’ts when you are planning for a new website. Far too often, associations develop and issue RFPs full of requirements that either doesn’t fit their audience’s needs or the size of their organization. There are always unknowns that should be expected, but problems start to occur when misunderstood requirements are included. This leads to bids with huge cost disparities because of massive amounts of guesswork. In this course, you will hear from Adage Technologies, who has decades of experience navigating hundreds of association and non-profit website projects, on what you need to do and what not to do so that your next website project is successful. Presented by: Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultant at Adage Technologies; and Joe Post, Vice President Strategy & Experience Design, Adage Technologies  

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