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Beyond Tradition: Association Transformation into Media Empires


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the lines between different sectors are blurring. Today, associations are no longer just conveners; they have the potential to become media empires themselves. “Beyond Tradition: Association Transformation into Media Empires” is a dynamic and insightful webinar that will explore this shift in roles. This session will elucidate how associations can harness their unique expertise, expansive networks, and captivating narratives to transform into influential media entities. Join us as we journey through this transformation, spotlighting the opportunities that lie ahead and the strategies to capitalize on them. Uncover the future of associations, a future where you are the media mogul.


  • – Unearth the potential of associations in becoming influential media entities: Understand how your unique knowledge, vast networks, and compelling stories can be leveraged to drive impactful narratives and shape public discourse.
  • – Explore key strategies for transformation: Learn the steps and best practices to transition your association from a traditional convener to a dynamic, content-producing powerhouse.
  • – Discover the opportunities this shift presents: Identify the potential benefits and challenges of such a transformation, from increased reach and engagement to new revenue streams, while learning how to navigate potential obstacles.

B192 – INSTRUCTOR: Bill Mcglade, President, Community Leaders Institute & epIQ Creative Group