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B173: Transforming Customer Experience


Customer Experience (CX) is where winning brands differentiate. CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, more than ‘brand’ and ‘price’ combined, but today’s CX environment also comes with new challenges and questions. How to address workforce shortages in customer service? How to support remote work? What are the best use cases for AI? How to transition to a digital-first experience for your customers? 

Join us for industry insight on CX trends and a deep dive into new technologies that will transform your business.

Go beyond the buzzwords to see how companies are shifting labor dollars to next-gen technology services like AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, and fractionalized labor to grow revenue, improve efficiency, and increase employee engagement. Then, dig in with your peers and industry innovators to identify how your organization can leverage this shift to optimize your customer experience and gain a competitive advantage.



  • – Understand the context for work in a post-pandemic world.
  • – Consider the accelerating trend around AI and how to practically apply it.
  • – Define the challenges and opportunities in automation.
  • – Identify how you can leverage this ecosystem to transform your business and position yourself for the future.

INSTRUCTORS: Jeff Milford, Director, Unified Communications Solutions at ARG, Inc.; John Cooper, Senior Solution Specialist, UCaaS/ CCaaS, ARG, Inc.; and Michael Shonholz, Chief Revenue Officer, ARG, Inc.

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