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Strategic Planning and Fiscal Sustainability for Finance Leaders


Eighty-four percent of nonprofit CFOs say their organization needs to optimize tools, methods, and systems to better serve their mission*. As a finance leader, what steps can you and your team take to meet the needs of financial users (Boards, volunteer leadership, senior management, and staff), accomplish more, and make this fiscal year the most successful?

One first step? Examine whether the tactics, financial communications, and tools your finance department team uses are effective and are enhancing financial reporting, day-to-day accounting and financial messaging, and meeting important fiscal and financial compliance regulations and requirements

This session will explore ways to enhance visibility, financial communications, accountability, improve management of financial resources, and optimize the impact of financial reporting and messaging.


  • We will explore four ways to optimize intra-year fiscal and financial planning and preparation
  • We will discuss challenges of unusual funding and multi-year grants have on budgets and financial planning and show how to use a multi-year financial messaging and reporting platforms
  • Learn about two strategies to improve overall accounting and reporting effectiveness by being proactive with your financial messaging and adapting your communication methods
    • Communications between development and finance departments
    • Communicating beyond the numbers – financial storytelling

W508 – INSTRUCTORS: A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA, Co-Founder at Sustainability Education 4 Nonprofits; and Paul Preziotti, CPA, Partner, Johnson Lambert LLP

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