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B172: LEADERSHIP & LEARNING SERIES: Leadership Lessons from Martial Arts


The martial arts teach discipline, respect and technique. What can they teach us about leadership? Quite a lot.

In this session, Joanna Pineda, CEO & Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group International, will  share five leadership lessons that she’s learned from studying two martial arts (TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo): When it’s important to trade your black belt for a white belt. How to take a punch. How to lead and how to follow. Always define the next level of achievement (the next belt). Sometimes, you just have to “do something.”



  • – Learn why it’s useful to think of your staff as students with different degrees of skill levels (belts).
  • – Learn how to have a conversation with a staff member who needs to switch jobs or seriously upgrade their skills (change to a new martial art).
  • – Learn how to teach your staff that they can be and should be leaders and followers at the same time.