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W445: Technology Alignment: Connecting Diagnostics, Strategy, and Execution


As association leaders, developing and executing a business strategy that moves your mission-driven organization forward is challenging enough. But how do you create a technology strategy that not only supports your objectives but stays one step ahead?

This session will help association leaders understand how to improve their technology ecosystem through diagnostics, strategy and planning, staff engagement, and project execution.


  • – Understand the importance of diagnosing your tech problems: It’s not enough to know that you have problems, you need to understand why, and how to fix them.
  • – Grasp the importance of aligning your business goals to your technology strategy: It is important to not only accommodate needs today, but anticipate needs down the road.
  • – Learn how to engage your leadership team and staff as allies and active participants: It is crucial that the whole organization works together to move IT initiatives forward and achieve measurable results.

INSTRUCTORS: Christopher Kasmark, Sr. Strategic Consultant, Technology Consulting, DelCor Technology Solutions

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