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W426: Jumping in Data Puddles: 5 Steps to Get Started with Your Data


Remember being a kid during a heavy summer rain? The clouds rolled in, the sky turned gray, and as the drops began to fall, you quickly moved into action. You pulled on your boots and ran out in search of puddles to jump in. You laughed and splashed without fear or hesitation, celebrating the simple joy of each splash. So, why as nonprofit leaders, do we fear the data puddles lurking in the corners of our organizations?

In this non-technical session, we will talk about your association’s data, what you can learn from it, and how to put data into action to inform better decision making and improve member experiences.



In this non-technical session, we will explore:

  • – The causes of data puddles and the impacts on your association
  • – Strategies to consolidate these puddles into data lakes
  • – Walk away with practical tips and lessons learned to save you time and money on your association’s data projects.


INSTRUCTOR: Alex Mouw, Principal Strategic Advisor, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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