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W378: Get CRM Right in 30 Days! Is Your Business Asking Questions Your CRM Can’t Answer?


In this session, you will learn the top 10 reasons why customer relationship strategies, and the technology that supports them, often fail to meet expectations. Technology like “CRM” is often implemented misaligned with customer acquisition, retention, and advocacy business objectives, In this session, Chuck and JC share the primary reasons for this misalignment and offer recommendations for reducing digital friction and increasing congruency with revenue goals. You will learn about the importance of expectation management and identifying core business objectives for technology and innovation and the importance of human-centered design thinking in CRM engagements. This session also offers practical advice for organizations experiencing low adoption of CRM technology and companies that need to get CRM strategy and technology right.



  • Identify the top 10 reasons why CRM efforts fail.
  • Learn how to align stakeholders with the vision of CRM and Rev Ops (revenue operations) success.
  • Gain a better understanding of the practices that help align expectations and increase Customer Relationship Management Adoption.

Presented by: Chuck Ingram, Founder and CEO, congruentX; and JC Quintana, Chief Strategist and Stakeholder RELATIONSHIP Management, congruentX