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W308: Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Selecting New Software for your Organization


Are you planning on replacing any software at your association? Are you experiencing buyer’s remorse over the software you’ve chosen? If so, you must attend this webinar, where we discuss the complexity of selecting a new software vendor. Working with so many vendors in the space, we’ve developed a fool-proof plan for how to plan for the vendor selection process, what questions to ask in the interview process and finally, how to interpret the answers. Nothing is ever perfect, but our approach can help increase the chances of a successful implementation.



  • Gain confidence in developing the plan for kicking off the search for new software.
  • Learn the questions to ask a vendor and how to interpret the results.
  • Learn the common pitfalls to avoid during the interview and selection process.

Instructors: Jeff Horne, Co-Founder, CEO, Wicket; and Steve Shock, VP Marketing, Wicket Marketing Technology Specialist