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M342: Outsmarting Amazon: Fostering Independent Buyers To Fuel Revenue Growth


In the rapidly evolving landscape of eCommerce, Amazon stands as a formidable giant. They set the benchmark customer expectations by providing customers the ability to buy anything their heart desires with just a few clicks. ERP-driven businesses can replicate this buying experience for their customers by creating their own 24/7/365 “Amazon-like” online store.  By furnishing your customers with essential information, including accurate pricing, real-time inventory status, and shipment tracking, you empower them to become self-reliant purchasers. This, in turn, not only boosts your revenue but also propels you ahead of your competitors, even outpacing the mighty Amazon itself!

Join us for an engaging webinar where we’ll explore strategies and insights to navigate creating an “Amazon-like” buying experience. We will delve into how businesses can create self-sufficient buyers who seek out your brand directly, allowing you to maintain control over your products, pricing, and customer relationships.



  • – Gain insights into replicating Amazon’s seamless buying experience, discovering strategies and tools to enhance their own eCommerce platforms.
  • – Understand the importance of empowering customers with essential information, such as pricing and inventory status, to foster self-reliant buyers and boost revenue.
  • – Learn how leveraging ERP-driven eCommerce solutions can position businesses ahead of competitors, even in the face of industry giants like Amazon, while maintaining control over products and customer relationships.

INSTRUCTORS: Megan Mann, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, commercebuild; and Jay Newman, Co-CEO and President, commercebuild