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M339: The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning


Microlearning has gained a lot of traction in organizations in the last couple of decades. However, the traditional microlearning concept still requires the learner to step out of context to search and discover the information they need.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that the information came to the learner instead of the learner searching for the information?

This is where Contextual Microlearning comes in to the picture. This session will demonstrate, with real-life examples, the power of Contextual Microlearning and why it’s so much better and more effective for our learners compared to the traditional form of microlearning.



  • – How microlearning came to be and what challenges it looked to solve
  • – Why traditional microlearning is not as effective as it used to be
  • – What is contextual microlearning
  • – The differences between microlearning and contextual microlearning
  • – How to apply contextual microlearning within your organization
  • – How to calculate continuous return on investment of contextual microlearning to evaluate if it’s working or not

INSTRUCTORS: Asif Rehmani, CEO, VisualSP