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M336: LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING SERIES: The Importance and Effects of Creating a Culture of Inclusivi


As organizations recognize the value of diversity and inclusion, accessibility must be a key consideration. In this session, we will explore the importance of accessibility in the workplace and how it can benefit employees and the organization as a whole.  We will discuss the moral and ethical obligations surrounding accessibility and highlight the business advantages of an accessible workplace, such as increased productivity, better employee retention, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, we will provide practical strategies for promoting accessibility in the workplace including training, resources, and technology. Join us to learn how you can create a culture of accessibility that fosters inclusivity and equality in your workplace.



  • – Learn the benefits to employees
  • – Learn the benefits to employers
  • – Learn the benefits for the organization
  • – Learn accessibility tips for managers and employees
  • – Learn how to influence employees with disabilities to be more comfortable being open about their accessibility needs

INSTRUCTORS: Taylor Dorward, Life Hacks365


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