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M322: Roles, Permissions, and User Group Personalization- Tailored to your Business


In this session you will learn to create personalized experiences for your team members based on their role in the organization using D365 Business Central.


  • – Role-Based Customization: Develop the skills necessary to customize and tailor the D365 Business Central environment to match the specific roles and responsibilities of your team members.
  • – Personalized Role Centers: Learn to create personalized role centers, providing team members with quick access to the information and tools they need to excel in their roles.
  • – Data Security: Explore strategies for setting up data security measures within D365 Business Central, ensuring that team members have access only to the information relevant to their roles.
  • – Workflow Automation: Discover how to design and automate workflows that align with the tasks and responsibilities of different team members, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Tasha Anspach, Enterprise Engagement Team Lead, Dynamic Consultants Group