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Cheap Mobile Community Platforms and Business Process Automation for Small Associations (W490)


In this session we will learn how modern small associations are automating hours upon hours of manual tedious work on the cheap by looking at real life examples. Then will take a look under the hood of process automation with Zapier and spinning up an online community with Taptiq in a matter of minutes.  Will also learn about other automation and community platforms out there.


– See real life examples of how small associations automate their processes and free up their staff to service their members and focus on more valuable and creative tasks.
– Learn how to automate time consuming manual tasks across a variety of systems (AMS, LMS, CMS, CRM, Email, Community, O365, etc) with Zapier
– Learn how to spin up a fully functional mobile-first community for your members for the price of a dinner at the Olive Garden

INSTRUCTOR: Michael (Misha) Getter, Vice President, Systems and Technology, Global Cold Chain Alliance