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B187: #CRMShouldntSuck: Why CRMs Fail and Why Yours Shouldn't


A CRM system should not fail as it is a crucial tool to build and maintain customer relationships, drive engagement, and improve overall performance, but common issues such as inadequate planning, poor training, data quality, ineffective integration, and lack of ongoing support are just some of the reasons why CRMs have one of the highest failure rates.

Empellor CRM has been rescuing failed CRMS for over 15 years. We repeatedly see the same issues and created this webinar to guide leaders currently dealing with an underperforming CRM or for those considering a CRM in the hopes that these issues can be fixed or avoided.



  • – Why CRMs have one of the highest failure rates
  • – Actionable insight to fix or even better, avoid, the reasons for failure
  • – Experience sharing from a CRM expert with over 15 years of implementing CRM in many industries

INSTRUCTORS: Christopher Smith, President, Empellor CRM