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W465: Cybersecurity and Digital Defense


Are you ready to take your cybersecurity defenses to the next level?  Stay ahead of the game with actionable insights from leading industry experts, empowering you to safeguard your digital assets and protect your organization from ever-evolving cyber threats.


1. **Threat Landscape Analysis:** Gain a deep understanding of the current cyber threat landscape and the business environment. Explore the latest trends, attack vectors, and tactics cybercriminals utilize to exploit vulnerabilities.

2. **Best Practices for Cyber Defense:** Arm yourself with battle-tested cybersecurity best practices. From robust password policies to effective incident response strategies, you’ll discover the essential steps to secure your organization.

3. **Data Protection Strategies:** Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Learn how to fortify its defenses and prevent data breaches, leaks, and unauthorized access.

4. **Cloud Security Excellence:** Embrace the cloud with confidence. Learn key security measures you need to adopt to protect your cloud infrastructure and data.

6. **AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity:** Explore the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in bolstering your cybersecurity posture. Uncover how these technologies can be harnessed to detect and thwart threats effectively.

7. **Cybersecurity Elevator Pitch**  Ensure you are fully prepared to respond to an audit or executive inquiries on your security strategy.

Cybersecurity Market Insights & Decision Guide 2023 

David DeCillis, CISSP, Senior Product Specialist, ARG; Michael Shonholz, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), ARG, Inc; and Jim Begley, Chief Technology Officer, ARG, Inc

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