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W462: Winning the Talent War - It's All About Your Brand, Culture, and Benefits


The talent market has been fierce post pandemic and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon – what must nonprofits do to attract and retain the best people? It all starts with your organization’s brand, which can either help you attract the right people, or can hurt you by attracting the wrong ones. A thriving employee culture is ultimately what sets great employers apart from the rest of the marketplace. Employee benefits aren’t just a box that needs to be checked, they are an extension of the employee experience and that experience will either reinforce their decision to stay, or potentially cause them to second guess staying when handled poorly. Learn how to develop all 3 of these critical elements to become a “go-to” employer of choice!



  • – Learn why your BRAND matters more than you might realize in terms of attracting the right people
  • – Learn why your culture is really what retains talent and fosters their growth
  • – Learn how to make the benefits you offer to your employees an extension of your value proposition and a reinforcement of the good decision to work there

INSTRUCTORS: Brian Haney, Founder and CEO, The Haney Company