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W451: WHIPLASH: Communication Changes in a Post-COVID World


Like whiplash, COVID-19 changed the way we work, live, and play—on hyperdrive. Our dependence on technology increased, resulting in a need to develop communication techniques that work by Zoom. The lack of in-person meetings created a need to connect with our internal and external audiences in new ways.  Join Sheri Singer, president, Singer Communications as she discusses these post-COVID communication changes, the myths of post-pandemic communications, the next generation of videoconferencing etiquette, what’s new with social media, and how these changes open the door for you to tell your story.



  • – Be able to identify post-COVID communication changes and the myths surrounding how we thought the world would look post-COVID
  • – Possess details on 2023 videoconferencing etiquette
  • – Understand the social media forecast post-COVID
  • – Know how to leverage these new communications tools to connect and relate to members and stakeholders and effectively tell your association’s story.

INSTRUCTOR: Sheri Singer, President, Singer Communications


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