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W438: Elevating Association Digital Experiences: Solutions for Challenges Ahead


Join our upcoming session to discover how optimized digital experiences can transform associations. Gain practical insights into reshaping member interactions, understanding audience needs, ensuring accessibility, conducting usability assessments, and utilizing web analytics to set your association apart. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to digital experiences, equip yourself with actionable takeaways to craft immersive, member-centric digital journeys.


  • – Elevating Association Digital Experiences: Solutions for Challenges Ahead
  • – Uncover the power of optimized digital experiences for associations: Gain actionable insights into reshaping member interactions.
  • – Explore user research principles: Understand audience needs, preferences, and pain points to drive member-focused connections.
  • – Ensure digital accessibility: Learn compliance tips and tools to make digital spaces accessible to all members.
  • – Conduct heuristic assessments: Identify usability issues and optimize user journeys across digital platforms.
  • – Utilize web analytics: Make informed decisions and measure the success of digital experience changes to set your association apart.

INSTRUCTORS: Kailee Quinn, Senior UX/UI Consultant, Fionta; and Jennifer Krist, Analytics and SEO Consultant, Fionta

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