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W434: Successful Volunteer Leadership - The Ultimate Balancing Act


Rockstar leaders are not born, they are built. How can you encourage and develop passionate volunteers that make values-centered decisions and put the association and its members first? How can you win as an individual, professional, a volunteer member of an association, all with the same amount of time as the rest of us? This session will pull back the curtain on the foundational elements behind being a true leader, one that leads yourself, those you care for, and those in your professional and association realms with excellence!



  • *Learn the critical leadership skills needed to thrive as a volunteer in all domains of life
  • *Learn the fundamentals behind balancing the needs of the volunteer member, local/chapter, and national organization to achieve maximum synergy and drive excellent results
  • *Learn how to avoid burnout as a volunteer and as a leader
  • *Learn the art of achieving balance in all areas of life

INSTRUCTORS: Brian Haney, Founder and CEO, The Haney Company