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W393: How to Create Seamless Digital Journeys to Increase Member Engagement & Drive Conversions


Friction. It’s great when you’re trying to stop your car, not so great when you’re trying to get your members to join, purchase, renew, or engage.

Yet, most critical member journeys are nothing but friction. Bouncing between your CMS, AMS, ecommerce platform, journal provider, community platform, members often get lost, get frustrated, and abandon your most critical conversions.

Wondering how you can relieve the friction to create seamless Amazon-like experiences that make conversions not just easy, but delightful?

Join CEO Joanna Pineda as she talks about how to get it right between your digital partners so that you can increase conversions, transform your member experience, and even transform your organization.



  • – Learn how to audit your current customer and member journeys

  • – Learn how to determine where your members are experiencing friction

  • – Learn how to map and create member journeys that are intuitive and smooth

INSTRUCTORS: Joanna M. Pineda, CEO & Chief Troublemaker, Matrix Group International, Inc.

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