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W391: The Power of Zapier


Learn how to leverage an automation platform to enhance member communications, supercharge lead management with Artificial Intelligence, robotize to replace the work of repetitive manual tasks, and integrate disparate systems without any custom programming, streamline reporting & analytics. In this course we will demonstrate how you can put Zapier to use in your organization TODAY; it’s easy to use, extremely powerful, and budget friendly.



  • Understand how the Zapier automation platform works.
  • Explore how your automation visions can become reality – combining best of breed web apps into consolidated workflows.
  • Rethink how you can take a simple task like entering in data to a spreadsheet or database and automate it.
  • Learn how to plan for your implementations of automations and find connection points between apps within your organization’s routine processes.

Instructors: Keith Hunter, President and CEO, Armstrong Enterprise Communications; Nicholas Wimsatt, iMIS Specialist and Applications Developer, Armstrong Enterprise Communications; Joe Salerno, Client Success Consultant, Armstrong Enterprise Communications; and Michael Reed, iMIS ConsultantiMIS Consultant, Armstrong Enterprise Communications