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W381: Influencer Marketing: How to Find and Amplify Influencers in Your Industry


People want to hear from real people, not from brands. That’s why savvy association marketers are focused on identifying and amplifying the voices of influential people in the industries they serve. In this course, association leaders will learn how to maximize online engagement and reach more people than ever before with influencer marketing.

Using video best practices and real-world examples from associations who are already putting these ideas into action, Michael Hoffman, co-founder and CEO at Gather Voices, will guide association marketers through the process of planning, executing and optimizing influencer-led video campaigns with their membership communities. All attendees will walk away with an actionable workbook to bring their video strategies to life. 


  • – Summarize the process of planning, executing, and optimizing influencer-led video campaigns to achieve revenue-based outcomes.
  • – Assess the organization’s current campaigns to identify areas of opportunity to include more diverse voices and perspectives.
  • – Design an actionable strategic plan for creating and distributing member-driven video content.

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Hoffman, Co-Founder and CEO, Gather Voices


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