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W370: Why Online Community is Your Association’s Future: Changing how we Work & Connect (Part 1)


Online communities are tremendous wellsprings of innovation. They give every association an always-accessible presence, moving ahead of magazines or newsletters as the most valued member benefit. When your online community fosters a genuine sense of belonging, it becomes core to your members’ professional identity. Association members are emerging from the pandemic with a significantly higher level of technical proficiency, giving membership-based organizations the opportunity to reassess and reimagine how online community can become a predictable core growth engine.


  • Learn techniques to foster a spirit of generosity within your online community.
  • Learn options to transform mentorship in your industry.
  • Learn how to create year-round engagement opportunities for your exhibitors and partners.

Presented by: Sandra Nam, CEO, QiqoChat ; Lucas Ciofi, Principal and Lead Software Engineer, QiqoChat Inc., and Barbara Armentrout, Managing Partner, Mesa Group

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