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W354: Data Breach Preparedness: The Reality of ID Theft and Data Breach Incidents


More and more companies are at risk of becoming victims of a data breach incident, and yet most companies do not have an up-to-date data breach response plan in place. A response and recovery plan is a critical factor in helping a company successfully manage a data breach incident. CEOs and senior executives don’t get fired when their companies get hacked or experience a data breach incident. They get fired for failing to implement a clearly defined, strategic management response to their data-breach incident. Your company’s response and recovery strategy may be as important (or more important) than your cybersecurity technology initiatives.


  • Learn more about data breach trends, identity theft trends, and about data breach risk management
  • Learn about information governance policy as well as information security training.
  • We will discuss State and Federal breach notification laws along with the breach source, assessment, and response plan.

Presented by: Mark Pribish, Practice Leader, Identity Theft and Data Breach Solutions at Vero

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