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W340: How You Can Use Salesforce for No Cost as a Nonprofit


Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform with a wide range of apps, integration capabilities and providing a single source of truth for your organization’s data. In our upcoming webinar “How You Can Use Salesforce for No Cost as a Nonprofit” our panel will be discussing how Nonprofits can leverage Salesforce’s Power of Us Grant & NPSP to begin utilizing the power of Salesforce for no cost to the nonprofit itself. Join us on DATE to learn about how Salesforce supports Nonprofits with it’s Nonprofit Success Starter Pack(NPSP) and how your organization can start it’s digital transformation at no cost.



  • Learn what Salesforce is.
  • Learn how NPSP & the Power of Us Grant supports Nonprofits.
  • Learn how your can organization get started with NPSP, what the common use cases are for nonprofits and how to become more comfortable with Salesforce.

Presented by: Esteban Gonzalez Salesforce Consultant; Stephen St. John Salesforce Solution Consultant at fusionSpan; Gayathri Kher President, fusionSpan