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W328: Data Lakes: No Question is Dumb


Not an IT session, a conversation about why the association world is buzzing about data lakes, and giving you a safe space to ask questions, such as why are associations using these tools? How can you plan for them if you have a beer budget and/or small staff? When is the best time to get started? Relax, this easy-going non-techie session will help you understand the options and provide solid takeaways on what you can do right away spending only time and effort.

Target audience: Ideally suited for any association exec, in any department, who desires to improve decision-making by harnessing the sea of data that often goes unused. Great for business users including membership, marketing, finance, professional development, and events.



  • Understand the pros and cons of data lakes and data warehouses.
  • Understand when data lakes are a good tool, or not, based on your association’s needs.
  • Learn about data privacy and data stewardship.
  • Learn what steps you can take to improve the current data situation.

Presented by: Barbara Armentrout, Managing Partner, Mesa Group; and Greg Pollack, VP of Sales, Association Analytics

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