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W324: Think Outside the AMS

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Member expectations continue to rise while association staff time is stretched thin. Join us for an interactive session exploring how to automate your digital ecosystem so that staff can deliver more member value in less time. No matter how hard an AMS tries, it can’t be all things to all people. That’s ok. With the explosion of cloud technology, there have never been more options for organizations to streamline their operations while enhancing the member experience. The ASAE tech community calls this the “best in class” approach – finding software that fits your needs and integrating it in a seamless way with your AMS. This session isn’t just for the techies… it’s designed to empower anyone who is thinking that “there must be a better way.”   LEARNING OBJECTIVE:

  • Learn how to evaluate their organization’s approach to association software, distinguishing between an “all in one” versus a “best in class” strategy,
  • Learn how to translate often intimidating technical terminology surrounding APIs and SSOs into real-world concepts that can be implemented in their organization, and
  • Learn how to evaluate association software options for their ability to streamline staff work and improve the overall experience for members.

Presented by: Pete Zimek, CEO, Novi AMS