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W319: How to Make Purple People: A Comprehensive Recipe


What do you get when you blend your business and technology teams? Every organization needs Purple People, and we’re going to show you how you can create your own! Join PerByte for tools to strengthen your teams by blending the skills of your business staff (blue) and technology staff (red) to create Purple People. Getting started is easier than you think!



  • Understand Purple People and why they are important.
  • Improve the outcome of your technology projects and organization goals by fully leveraging your in-house resources.
  • Learn simple steps for adding technology skill-building to your team’s professional development plan.

Presented by: Nadine Witchel, FCPA, FCGA; CFO, PerByte, Josh Carlson; Founder & Chief Innovator, PerByte and Olivia Wilkins; Business Analyst/Project Manager, PerByte